FXD Designed to Perfection for Tradesmen

Jan van Zyl9/25/19

Products of FXD Workwear have taken the workwear apparel scene by storm.

Hard Hats: Where, When, Why and How

Bold Commerce Collaborator8/29/19

Hard hats that are certified, have a snug and comfortable fit and enable the integration of other PPE offer the greatest protection on site, while they must also be worn when working at any height. Australian regulations demand that hard hats be worn on sites when there is a risk...

Queensland Workwear Supplies Oliver Boots

Victoria Mendel8/26/19

As a Queensland family-owned and operated business for thirty years, Queensland Workwear Supplies is renowned for premium-quality workwear including boots such as the brand Oliver boots. From joggers to gumboots to tough workwear boots, the Oliver range has you covered. Queensland Workwear Supplies values premium-quality products therefore the Oliver range...

We're a family business that cares!

Victoria Mendel8/26/19

Boots, workwear and safety gear, we've got you covered!

Quality Brisbane Workwear

Victoria Mendel7/16/19

If you’re seeking premium-quality Brisbane workwear, look no further than Queensland Workwear Supplies as we have a large range and value quality. A family owned and operated business, we are proud to have been providing quality Brisbane workwear to clientele since 1991. As a one-stop shop for all your workwear...