Quality Brisbane Workwear

Victoria Mendel7/16/19

If you’re seeking premium-quality Brisbane workwear, look no further than Queensland Workwear Supplies as we have a large range and value quality. A family owned and operated business, we are proud to have been providing quality Brisbane workwear to clientele since 1991. As a one-stop shop for all your workwear needs, we supply industrial, corporate and hospitality industries. Stocking the trusted brands like Steel Blue, Oliver, Mongrel and Mack in boots as well Hard Yakka, DNC Comfort Uniforms, Bisley Workwear, Workwear Group, Syzmik and Biz Collection and Biz for workwear, Queensland Workwear Supplies has you covered. We value our clientele and deliver exceptional customer service to each and every client.


Our Range Of Boots

As part of our Brisbane workwear, we offer a range of premium-quality boots for your requirements in the following brands: Steel Blue, Oliver, Mongrel, Mack, Kings and Bata. Steel Blue are unbeatable in comfort and quality and furthermore are one hundred percent Australian owned. We have men’s and women’s boots to suit every person and comfort is the aim with Steel Blue boots. We have the Steel Blue 512719 Women's Southern Cross Zip Scuff which is a lace-up ankle boot with padded collar. The scuff cap enables the boots to last the time and has anti-static properties and suit Carpenters, construction and mining tradeswomen and Pipe Layers. Brisbane workwear has never been easier to find in boots than the range we offer including the Steel Blue 322152 Argyle Zip: Nitrile Outsole which is a zip-sided ankle boot that boasts comfort and longevity. It is armed with cowhide water-resistant full-grain waxy leather, Baltico linings, non-corrosive lacing and a padded collar and tongue. Safety steel toe cap is a must and these boots have this for the optimum of tradespeople. Heavy duty, flexible anti-bacterial non-woven insole makes them comfortable and supportive of you while you’re on the job. Looking for more affordable boots but still with that premium-quality comfort and design, try the Steel Blue 312101 HOBART which are safety boots for the hard work. These are even heat resistant to one hundred and thirty degrees Celsius or two hundred and sixty-six-degrees Fahrenheit. Bearing waxy leather, these are an elastic side boot with a Polyurethane midsole and well worth the investment. For the hiker-style, lace-up ankle boots with a padded collar and tongue, the Steel Blue 312207 Wagga is a fantastic comfortable choice for warehouse workers, tour operators and road workers and furthermore, they are heat resistant as well. The Steel Blue 312102 ARGYLE is a pair of men’s lace-up ankle boots also with a padded collar and tongue and wonderful for comfort and style. With anti-static properties and premium water-resistant leather, these are a fantastic choice for Bricklayers, Glaziers and Sand Blasters and will stand the test of time for your hard work. For your Brisbane workwear needs in boots, Queensland Workwear Supplies have you covered. Beyond boots, we supply a diverse range of workwear clothing to suit your needs from shorts to long pants and work jeans to polo shirts and long-sleeved shirts as well as jackets. In addition to supplying clothing, we can personalise your workwear with embroidery or a heat-sealed logo and we have in-house machines to undertake this.


What Our Clientele Say

We at Queensland Workwear Supplies value our clientele and treat each and every one with professionalism and honesty about what type of workwear is optimum for their requirements. Michael Hager says ‘quick easy service with friendly staff, store is easy to navigate and well set out’ about our store. We are efficient and friendly in our delivery of customer service. Nicole Bee says ‘I use Queensland Workwear Supplies all the time. Great customer service and I really like the range of workwear they have. Prices are reasonable too’ and John L reviewed us with ‘Very good service, I would recommend this business to anyone who is looking for speciality workwear’. For your Brisbane workwear requirements, look no further than Queensland Workwear Supplies.