Queensland Workwear Supplies Oliver Boots

Victoria Mendel8/26/19

As a Queensland family-owned and operated business for thirty years, Queensland Workwear Supplies is renowned for premium-quality workwear including boots such as the brand Oliver boots. From joggers to gumboots to tough workwear boots, the Oliver range has you covered. Queensland Workwear Supplies values premium-quality products therefore the Oliver range is one of our outstanding brands. We are a one-stop-shop for all workwear needs such as garments, boots, high-vis workwear and we cater for the hospitality and corporate industries. As a total encompassing store for workwear, we are proud to deliver exceptional service to each and every client and we go above and beyond to provide salient advice and assistance. Oliver boots are just one of the many brands we offer and we can answer your questions and queries regarding the optimum choice for your requirements and style.


The Oliver Boots Range

Queensland Workwear Supplies offers a full range of Oliver boots to suit the individual taste and needs such as the Oliver 34-624 Beige Elastic-sided boot. With water-resistant leather, full-lining infused with eco-friendly Odorban® and made harnessing the latest technology and innovation, these Oliver boots offer premium comfort, style and shock absorption. This set is complete with excellent slip-resistant sole and Electrical Hazard (EH) resistant sole and is made not to cut, split and crack. If you prefer a black pair of zip-sized Oliver boots, then the Oliver 38-265 Black Zip Side Boot could be the one for you. With a style suitable from the worksite to the boardroom, these executive series Oliver boots are made for walking and working and have significant impact absorption and a steel toe cap. With premium leather lining and water-resistant leather, the foot bed is infused with eco-friendly Odorban™ Control Technology for optimum hygiene during those hefty workdays. Not only are these Oliver boots’ sole resistant to mineral, organic oils and acids, they are heat-resistant in the outsole to temperatures of one hundred and thirty degrees. For a lightweight pair of Oliver boots which suit your work requirements without feeling weighed down with a heavy work boot, Queensland Workwear Supplies has you covered with the Oliver 55-322 Wheat Elastic Sided Boot. The sole is resistant to mineral, organic oils as well as acids and they won’t cut, split or crack under the pressure of your work. They might be lightweight but they sure pack a punch with heavyweight protection. The lightest of the 55 series work boot, these Oliver boots feature a water-resistant leather Oliver COOLstep® lining to maintain freshness and hygiene and strong impact absorption technology. With a fantastic slip-resistant sole, anti-static technology and a deep tread profile, these Oliver boots are sure to be the lightweight heavy-duty work boots to suit your needs.


Why Should You Wear Oliver Boots To Work?

There are many industries which require workers to wear specific types of boots for work such as the construction industry, working in warehousing and factories, hospitality and even corporate bodies require their team members to wear appropriate attire including boots for worksite attendance as well as in the office. The most burning reason for wearing work boots such as Oliver boots is for safety. They protect your feet and are often resistant to chemicals and heat-resistant up to a certain temperature which means you can work in diverse settings. Oliver boots offer you protection for your feet from punctures as well as slipping or sliding and potential tripping. If you work in a setting where you are exposed to electricity or high-voltage equipment, it is optimum to wear proper boots suitable for your work. The Oliver 34-624 Beige Elastic-sided Oliver boots for example are armed with an Electrical Hazard (EH)-resistant sole. Furthermore, Oliver boots offer both comfort and style so for long days on the job your feet won’t get as sore as they would if you were wearing cheap boots which are not as conducive for heavy work. Style is important to many and with Oliver boots, you have a range of styles to suit your taste; Queensland Workwear Supplies is armed with a vast range to suit. Oliver boots also offer comfort and protection against extreme weather conditions and can be worn out in the rain during construction work; choose the optimum boots to suit your job.