P2 Face Mask Spray Kit with P2 Filters- RHSP-7700S

P2 Face Mask Lunchbox Kit

7700 Series Half Mask Spray Kit - Face Mask  -RHSP-7700S

- 100% silicone mask provides all day comfort

- Less dead air space meaning less exhaled air is re-breathed encouraging increased worker productivity

- Quick to dismantle and clean, with all 9 parts replaceable

- Superior exhalation valve allows more breath to be exahaled leaving workers feeling cooler & more comfortable

- Variable thickness in sealing area conforms to nose bridge for improved comfort and fitting

- Built-up chin area maintains fit even while talking

- A2P2 rating provides protection against organic vapours and particles

- Complete with half mask, A2 rated filters, P2 rated pre filters and retainers, plus two mask cleaning wipes.