P2 Flat fold Respirator Valved mask - Box of 10


- Individually wrapped to be stored hygienically and conveniently in a pocket;

- Approved to 10 times the exposure standard of dusts from grinding, drilling, certain applications of brazing and welding, etc.

- Shaped for fit when worn in combination with eyewear;

- Low breathing resistance encourages longer wear time by improving the wearer's comfort;

- Humidity resistance and hypoallergenic filter media for maximum respirator service life;

- Durable latex-free suspension straps to eliminate pre-stretching;

- No staples, ideal for industries such as food;

- Willtech boomerang nose seal absorbs perspiration providing increased comfort;

- Flame retardant outer shell ensures greater safety;

- Fold and hold mechanism to prevent contamination between uses and to allow easy storage;

- Green coloured nose bridge allows easy identification of a P2 rating.


- Agriculture, Chemical, Construction, Fire Protection, Food Services, forestry, manufacturing, mining, municipal services, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, steel & metal, utilities


Each box contains 10 masks.


- Airborne particulates - dust/mist/fume