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Australia was built on Hard Work, which is why Hard Yakka is one of this country's most loved and respected icons. It represents everything we value in this country. Toughness, strength, and hard work.

Only the strong survive, which is why Hard Yakka has been around for over 80 years, building its reputation on producing WORKWEAR specifically designed for harsh Australian conditions. And over time we have led the way with loads of innovative and technological advances.

No matter how touch the job, Hard Yakka WORKWEAR can handle it. It's legendary for being as hard working as the men and women who wear it. Boasting state of the art features, it's comfortable, safe and durable. And with our famous guarantee of quality, unparalleled service and tailored solutions, it's not hard to see why more Australians choose to go to work in Hard Yakka than any other Brand.