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Queensland Workwear Supplies stock all your safety and hi vis workwear needs all in one place. Our extensive range of discount workwear and hi vis wear are great for a whole range of jobs where safety and visability are vital. Buy Hi Vis Workwear Online with Queensland Workwear Supplies!

Steel Cap Boots

Queensland Workwear Supplies stock a large range of steel cap safety boots from trusted brands such as Mongrel boots, Oliver safety boots and Steel Blue boots. These brands meet the required Australian safety standards of steel cap boots. Wearing safety boots are essential footwear for many occupations. Steel cap boots are made for jobs where safety is paramount, for example construction sites and industrial settings. Steel cap boots are a highly durable boot that protects the foot from punctures, compression or falling objects. The steel cap is located on the top of the shoe above the toes and foot and also underneath to protect the bottom on the foot. Don’t take the risk, get a pair of steel cap boots today to help prevent any nasty injuries.




Hi Vis Clothing

Hi vis clothing needs to be easily seen in all conditions, have reflective components, be suitable for all weather conditions including a UPF rating and be comfortable. Our hi vis clothing have all these features and teamed with our steel cap boots, you have high performing workwear to see you through the toughest jobs. We stock hi vis clothing from great brands such as Stubbies and DNC workwear. The best thing about our range of Hi vis clothing and workwear is that it’s affordable so it’s accessible by anyone.